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Who the hell are these guys?

Pat Manley - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter. Guitarist and vocalist Pat Manley formed Effusion out of the ruins of the Rude Mechanicals. "That band had too many syllables -- a breakup was inevitable," Manley explains. But like a phoenix, Manley rose from his own ashes.....and then pecked around the wet grass for something to eat. His provocative chord progressions have been described as "pretty cool" by his mailman, yet he can make his guitar wail like Luciano Pavarotti with gallstones. The driving force behind the band, Pat dreams of one day having Effusion songs in every diner jukebox in the country. "For truckers to listen to us over scrambled eggs and toast.....that's what it's all about," muses Manley.

Joe Napoleon - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter.No relation to his legendary namesake, Joe nevertheless shares several features with the surly Emperor, namely his insatiable thirst for European conquest and a burning desire to force Frederick Wilhelm of Prussia into paying for a stack of Marshall amps. Originally Effusion's drummer, Joe took up the guitar when he returned from drum rehearsal only to find a Fender Strat on his dinner table. "Damned if I know how it got there," he still wonders. Famished and scalding from an armful of hot Chinese take-out, Joe picked up the strange guitar to make room for his dinner. But as he later confessed: "That Strat felt good in my hands.....real good. Next thing I knew, I was strumming minor sevenths over beef lo-mein."

Kevin Manley - Bass. Born at the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century, Kevin bypassed most of Steve Guttenberg's career entirely and settled in nicely with the Steve Buscemi era of film. A versatile drummer, guitarist, and bass player, Kevin adds the utility infielder aspect to a band that badly needs someone to take a walk once in a while, rather than popping up the first pitch while swinging for the fence.

JIM Napoleon - Drums.A second Napoleon is good insurance in case one winds up on Elba. His encyclopedic knowledge of beer and classic video games brings the first encyclopedic knowledge of anything to Effusion 35. Jim first played with the band at a one-off gig celebrating Joe's 30th birthday. He planted a seed that day. A seed that blossomed into a 10-year old tree of rock. Now he offers the acorns of rhythm to you, the squirrel listener.

Tom DiGregorio - Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Sound EnGINEering.He's our cousin, but doesn't he look almost exactly like the guitarist from Assautlica? The wildcard member of the band. Where will he show up? Xylophone? Good at everything, to the chagrin of the other members who are barely good at one thing. Tom's devotion exceeds the literal loss of limbs, and he brings mad scientist excitement to the band with preternatural awareness of what everyone else is doing, sometimes better than they know it themselves.  Only member of the band to own a shark suit (currently).


legacy Menbers:

Sean Hamill - Bass.  Sean Hamill had his heart set on being a bass fisherman. He never imagined "bass" also meant something else. But through a fortuitous gaffe in syntax, Sean found himself at the bow of a twenty-foot Bayliner, reeling in twelve pounds of red-eye using a Charvel 3B bass with rosewood fingerboard. Perhaps it was mild seasickness, but Sean much preferred the bass guitar to the red-eye because the strings weren't all fishy, and when he returned to shore, Sean knew that music, not game fishing, was the path for him. A founding member of the band whose bass lines ring in every beer hall or backwoods warehouse Effusion plays to this day.

Randy Robbins - DrumS, Lyricist.. Randy Robbins was born on the earthen floor of a log cabin in backwoods Kentucky, from whence he taught himself letters and.....oh wait, that was Abraham Lincoln. (Randy's always being mistaken for the late president because of their shared affinity for Zildjian cymbals.) A veteran of other bands throughout much of the '90s, Robbins eventually fell in with some tree-huggers who opposed the manufacture and use of drumsticks. But following the bloody Arbor Day massacre, he decided that music was not murder and accepted Pat Manley's invitation to join Effusion, pending a literacy test. Though the band had no shortage of drummers, Randy formed the thundering backend of the band for nearly 15 years, shaking plaster and asbestos from ceilings whereever he goes.

Joe LauDadio -Guitar

Jim Teodoro -drums